Modern-design toilets

Water-free, odourless and adaptable to any situation

Ecodomeo is an eco-friendly dry toilet solution adapted to today's homes. They are used in the same way as a regular toilet and require only 2 hours of maintenance per year.

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The Ecodomeo toilet separates urine from faeces using an inclined conveyor located inside the seat. This conveyor is operated by either a mechanical pedal or an electric motor.


Urine joins the wastewater treatment system but can also be directed to the soil via filtration or stored.


Faeces and toilet paper are processed into compost by earthworms and bacteria in the adjoining compost section. The resulting compost only needs to be drained every 3 to 10 years.

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Stylish design

Created by a professional designer, Ecodomeo toilet seats combine elegance and sobriety with comfort and robustness.


Suitable for all environments.

Whether private or public, at altitude or by the sea, Ecodomeo toilets are perfect anywhere. Seasonal activities or large-scale events are no problem and we offer solutions adapted to each situation.


An optimal ecological solution.

No longer using drinking water for toilets and being able to use toilet waste as fertiliser are just two benefits of using Ecodomeo toilets. They can also often enable significant financial savings and for some sites, Ecodomeo toilets are one of the only possible solutions.

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