ECODOMEO dry toilets

Easily adaptable for anyone, anywhere.

New housing or renovation

Ecodomeo offers an eco-friendly toilet solution designed for use as a regular toilet that is odour-free and simply to maintain. These toilets can help a family to reduce their water consumption by between 30% and 40% and produce excellent compost. By installing Ecodomeo toilets, the cost of a sanitation system is greatly reduced.

Tourism and leisure facilities

Ecodomeo toilets are perfectly suited for seasonal use. They have no limits for usage capacity and can withstand long periods without use (even several months). Just one hour of technical maintenance is recommended at the end of the season, and then at the beginning of the season, they will be ready for use without any further work.

In the mountains, refuges, high-altitude buildings

Ecodomeo toilets do not use water and are therefore not sensitive to frost and intense cold. They compost faeces and paper and work perfectly up to 2,500 m altitude. Just one hour of maintenance is recommended before use at the beginning of the season.

Campsites and hotels

With their modern design and advanced technology, Ecodomeo toilets offer a real alternative to flush toilets for campsites and hotels. Our comfortable dry toilets have an attractive design, are used and cleaned just like a conventional toilet and customers particularly appreciate the total absence of any odour.

Alternative housing

Alternative housing is developing more and more rapidly, and Ecodomeo toilets are a great choice due to their ease of use and low maintenance requirements. As well as saving drinking water, these toilets also reduce the size of sanitation systems.

Portable or hired toilets

Ecodomeo works with partners to develop solutions for mobile toilets and hired toilets. These toilets do not need to be connected to a drinking water, wastewater or electricity network to operate. You can find our partners’ contact details on this site on the Partners and Distributors page.

10 years of experience
in the areas of housing, public toilets, high-altitude toilets and toilets by the sea.

and portable

Ecodomeo dry toilets operate mechanically and are easy to install in any location. It is also possible to replace the pedal with an electric motor. Ecodomeo toilets have been designed to minimise maintenance and room changes.

Engineered to every specification.

All parts are made of stainless steel or plastic and are resistant to the harshest operating conditions (frost, salt air, heat, corrosion, etc.), making the system robust and reliable. The design of these dry toilets requires only very minor work in the building they are installed in.