ECODOMEO dry toilets

An optimal ecological solution

No chemicals and no water

Ecodomeo is an eco-friendly dry toilet solution adapted to today's home. They are used in the same way as a regular toilet and require only 2 hours of maintenance per year.


Completely natural

Ecodomeo dry toilets do not use water, chemicals or sawdust for their operation.


No odour

A clever air suction system prevents any odour for even less odour than in ordinary toilets.


High composting capacity

Composting of faeces and toilet paper in a separate room (disposal of compost every 3 to 10 years).


Very low maintenance

The technical maintenance of Ecodomeo dry toilets is reduced to one hour, once or twice per year.


Our facility in Pra Loup.

A user testimony of dry toilets Ecodomeo.

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Huge savings on water thanks to the elimination of a flush system (30% to 40% of total household water consumption). These toilets also significantly reduce the pollution of household sewage waste.

The amount of solid waste removed from the toilet as compost is equivalent to 15 litres of compost per person per year and is immediately usable and of very good quality.

• If retained, urine can be used as an excellent fertiliser for your garden


litres of water saved
per person/year

40% less

water consumption


litres of water saved
per person/year


By installing Ecodomeo toilets, you will save on average £40 per person per year on drinking water. The cost of sanitation will be reduced significantly because:

• Combined with a planted filter, you will reduce the size and cost of your sewerage system by a minimum of 50% (subject to local regulations).

• Our toilets do not require any connection to a previously existing network. They work very well without.

• No more emptying of septic tanks or micro-stations, saving around £200 every 1 to 4 years.

Installation of Ecodomeo toilets reduces the risk of clogging conventional wastewater pipes.


Ask our customers – once you try them, you’ll want to get one!

Ecodomeo toilets are the least demanding on the market in terms of maintenance. Unlike conventional toilets, they prevent all odours and noises and you will not get an unpleasant view of any waste left behind by the previous user. Lastly, the design makes it impossible to drop objects (keys, phones, etc.) into the bowl.

P.S. Gentlemen can pee sitting or standing!

Customer reviews

I decided to install the Ecodomeo toilet and everyone is delighted! Including my parents who refused to use a sawdust toilet.


The maintenance of the compost section is surprisingly quick and simple.


I confirm that this really is an ideal facility.