… Simple and practical

Adapted to today’s interiors.

Their sober design allows them to fit well into any type of home environment and work like a regular water-run toilet.

No need for additional material (wood chips or sawdust) or chemical product to insure proper usage.

Less bad odor than with classic toilets due to their smart ventilation process.

Easy clean up, with either water, or your regular cleaning products. The more heavily-soiled pieces may be removed and cleaned separately with water.

With these toilets, there is no evidence of fecal matter or
trace of former usage.

It is possible to install one or more dry toilets on the home’s ground floor as well as upstairs.

The system’s technical maintenance requires only 15 minutes
one or two times a year
(depending on the usage).

… Technically advanced

The toilet’s installation requires only a minor household intervention.

All of the pieces are in stainless steel or hard plastic, resistant to the most difficult wear (freezing, sea air, acid, excessive heat…), making the system reliable and sturdy.

The toilets function on a purely mechanical system for easy installation, reducing the possibility of breakdown.

These toilets seperate urine and fecal matter (see the plan below) :

• The urine is evacuated towards the home’s used water system.
• The fecal matter and toilet paper are transformed into compost by earthworms confined in a designated space.
• The compost is evacuated every 5 to 15 years (depending on the usage).
• The treatment of the solid material (feces and toilet paper) by the earthworms reduces the initial mass by 5.

… Ecological and economical

dry toilets Ecodomeo
dry toilets Ecodomeo
dry toilets Ecodomeo
dry toilets Ecodomeo
dry toilets Ecodomeo
dry toilets Ecodomeo
dry toilets Ecodomeo   
Ecodomeo toilets benefit from over 15 years of
experience in the field of dry public toilets.
The use of Ecodomeo toilets reduces household water consumption by 30%.

In using these toilets, 80% of the solids are eliminated from the household used water system.

The size of the individual plumbing system may be considerably reduced by using Ecodomeo toilets compared to the installation necessary with classic water-run toilets.

These toilets work well combined with a plant-based water filtering plan. The purchase and installation of a water-free toilet combined with a plant based filtering system is often less costly than a traditional water-run toilet and filtering plan (septic tank, sewage farm).

The resulting compost is an excellent nutrient for the garden, 100% natural and risk-free.