Modern Solution for Dry Toilet

waterless toilet Ecodomeo

Ecodomeo dry toilets are a modern solution for today’s homes.
Their sober and elegant design allows them to fit into any type of home environment and they work like regular water-run toilets.
These dry toilets work completely without water allowing an economy of 25% of the household water consumption while producing a rich compost for the garden.
Ecodomeo dry toilets do not require any additional material (chemicals, saw dust, etc..) facilitating their use and reducing the amount of material to be composted.
Even though they function without water, these dry toilets are designed to be cleaned as easily as a regular water-run toilet.
A smart ventilation system guarantees less bad odors than a regular toilet.
The treatment of solid material (feces and toilet paper) in a specifically adapted composting space allows a household usage for three to ten years without evacuating the compost.
The technical maintenance requires only 15 minutes a year.

Ecodomeo dry toilets seperate the liquids from the solids: The first are evacuated through the household used-water system, the second evacuated to a closed space where they are then reduced into compost by earthworms.

All toilet pieces are in stainless steel or hard plastic, resistant to the most difficult environments. The conception is based upon a simple, mechanical system requiring a minor intervention to install and reduces technical failure.