A word from the director Emmanuel Morin

Accepting to change one’s habis is a sign of responsibility. In installing Ecodomeo toilets, you are choosing a simple and modern solution with three positive results:

• reducing clean water consumption
• reducing the quantity of used water to be treated
• recycling toilet waste into compost

Sometimes individual actions appear meaningless on a global, ecological scale, but when this action becomes local, regional, national or continental, the effects on the environment are considerable.

USA & Canada :
Geoff Hill – Toilet Tech Solutions
4220 24th Ave W, Seattle, WA, Canada
+1 6045053656 (CA)
+1 2067137805 (US)
Legal informations :
SARL funded 85.000€
SIRET : 51852778300022
European VAT: FR84518527783
APE : 2899B
RCS Romans (dép. 26)
47 boulevard Burel
13014 Marseille – FRANCE